EasyOffice Downloading Issues

“The contents of this file cannot be unpacked … has been corrupted…
Download problem?

If you see an error message such as the one above when you run EasyOffice.exe, then there was a faulty download. (Indeed, in such a case, if you check the file size of the easyoffice.exe file you actually downloaded, it will probably be much smaller than the file on our web site.) If you prefer an Microsoft Office, you can use a Microsoft Office Professional coupon code to get the price down.
Use a self-recovering download utility to download large files. Click here to obtain Smart Download Utility.

Smart Download Utility is provided by Netscape, but you do NOT need to be running Netscape or even have Netscape, in order to use it. It will work perfectly with Microsoft Internet Explorer.

“Some programs don’t work, but instead give an error message that a file (eg. shell32.dll) is missing.”

EasyOffice needs a full version of Internet Explorer 5 (or higher).

EasyOffice is built to work with the Internet, and needs a full version of Windows® that includes Internet Explorer 5 (or higher) and active desktop.  If you install EasyOffice from the CD-ROM, these components of Windows® will automatically be installed (if you agree to the prompt).

Possible reasons why Internet Explorer is not present on your computer:

Downloaded a version of EasyOffice to a computer that did not contain Internet Explorer 5+ or active desktop.
Installed from the EasyOffice CD-ROM but responded “not  to install Internet Explorer”.
Subsequently removed Internet Explorer of active desktop.
To correct this problem:

1. Uninstall EasyOffice (go to Control Panel -> Add/remove programs)
2. Install the full version of Internet Explorer 5+, by doing either of the following:

Put your EasyOffice CD-ROM back into your computer and follow the install prompts
or click here to download Internet Explorer 6 from the Microsoft® web-site
3. Install EasyOffice again (if you put the EasyOffice CD-ROM back in the computer, then it was automatically installed in Step 2).

“I have a copy of Internet Explorer 5 installed already on my computer, yet I get a message from EasyOffice telling me I need to install Internet Explorer 5 or higher. Why?”

You probably do not have a full set of Internet Explorer 5 files. Some may be older versions. Go to EasyHelper and see what version of shell32.dll you have, for example.

This issue may also arise in some cases of non-English Windows and Internet Explorer.

In many cases, installing a full Internet Explorer 5 (eg, from a Microsoft  CD-ROM or from the EasyOffice CD-ROM) seems to solve the problem. In a small percentage of other cases, in some configurations of early versions of Windows95, this problem occurs, and is solved by update to an updated version of Windows95 (ie, Windows95B or C), if this is possible in your case.

“I just downloaded a freeware copy of EasyOffice (or obtained a copy from a shareware CD-ROM). It is asking for a UserID or Serial Number or Password. What is it?

At present we don’t require any UserID for EasyOffice Freeware. If you are being asked a UserID then you may have downloaded a very old version of EasyOffice (the two UserIDs we used in the past for such versions were “free” and “demo”), or else, the company or magazine that assembled EasyOffice Freeware among other programs on the CD-ROM it gave you, put in a password. We do not have access to this password.

Suggestion: If you can’t obtain the necessary password, you can go to our downloads page and download EasyOffice Freeware : http://www.e-press.com/demo_downloads.html

“I want to download the full CD-ROM (700MB) but I can’t find the download listing.”

At the present time, there is no download listing to download the full CD-ROM.

At this point in time the cost and difficulty of downloading 700MB files does not make it a feasible service to offer on our website. However, as bandwidth available to the public keeps on increasing, as users become more accustomed to downloading very large files (eg, using download utilities such as Smart Download Utility ) and as bandwidth costs keep falling, these factors will make offering a full CD-ROM download feasible, and we hope to do so at some point in the future.

At the present time, if you want the full CD-ROM you must purchase it. Note that we have discounted prices for the CD-ROM for users that already have UserIDs, as well we offer a full CD-ROM, UserID, and worldwide airmail shipping package at very favorable terms. Please see Purchase Page for more details.


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