Nokia 7200 Organiser Functions

For detailed email, solutions special software such as Outlook is required to be present which is one of the most important part of any mobile phone today are its organizer functions. Luckily, Nokia being the market leader understands this aspect of phones very well and its handsets are very well equipped to take away pressure of every day life from the user. We begin with the timed profiles, no need to change modes from silent to general during the beginning and end of every lecture. Just feed in the times and watch the phone automatically switch between modes. If you want a secured phone, you can install Norton mobile security in your phone. Using a Norton mobile security coupon code, you can get a very cheap price.Similarly this feature or Symbian  program is also very useful for the busy businessmen who do not wish to be disturbed during the daily meeting with the boss or partner. A stop watch as well as count down timer help in the daily exercise grind. For daily schedules, a To-Do list (maximum 30 entries) ensures that you remember to pick up the milk on the way back home or the kid, which depending on your hectic schedule can really be something for which you would like to be reminded.

Of course for long term commitments there is the calendar which allows long term planning. The calendar can also remind you about a meeting or diner date at the set time. Speed dialing, call waiting, call hold, automatic dialing even a call timer are other functions which make the 7200 very easy to use. The “wallet” feature which many of you must be familiar which securely stores personal information such as credit card PIN numbers and other secret information. The alarm clock can successfully wake you up, using the built in FM radio over the speaker phone if you so wish.

Memory pool is limited to 4 Mb which is shared between the different applications. As mentioned earlier there is no expansion slot to increase memory. Emails, notes , SMS, MMS all have a maximum limit. The phone book can store 500 contacts with all details filled in addition to the SIM contacts. 150 SMS in addition to SIM card inbox capacity is possible. The camera can store 25 high resolution VGA images. Some video clips, limit being 94 Kb per clip. Polyphonic tones, also compatible can be replaced after downloads. Again only a certain maximum number of polyphonic tones may be downloaded. Voice based features include voice dialing, voice commands and voice recording (max 3 minutes). An integrated hands free speaker allows listening of FM radio possible as also having a conversation with people without requiring earphones.


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