SingleStep Executive Team

The Team

We have brought together a seasoned group of industry and business management professionals to guide our operations. With the right mix of experience and expertise, our executive team is poised to lead us toward our long-term vision for Singlestep.

Chris Noble, President & CEO

Chris Noble joined Singlestep Technologies as President and CEO in October 2000. He is responsible for strategic planning, day-to-day management, and execution of the Company’s business. Prior to joining Singlestep, he was a consultant to senior management teams in several different companies in the software, Internet, and wireless industries including MetroOne and Previously, Mr. Noble was a member of the senior management team at Network Commerce, Inc., an Internet infrastructure services provider, from its inception in 1997 through its Secondary Public Offering in early 2000. While at Network Commerce, Mr. Noble started and ran several new business units and was responsible for the successful integration of several of the company’s acquisitions. Earlier, Mr. Noble was a member of the management team for enterprise software company Iprax, and served as Finance Director and Campaign Manager for various statewide political campaigns in the Northeast. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University.

Ophir Ronen, Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Ronen joined Singlestep in October 2001 as its Chief Technology Officer. As CTO, he reports to the CEO and is responsible for the technical direction of the Company and heads up Singlestep’s engineering, QA and IT efforts. Prior to joining Singlestep, Mr. Ronen co-founded Internap Network Services where he was director of research and development. While at Internap, Mr. Ronen designed and implemented the initial versions of their routing optimization software and is listed as co-inventor on six of Internap’s patented technologies. Earlier, Mr. Ronen was senior network engineer for ConnectSoft Inc.’s Commercial Network Services division. Mr. Ronen was also a recent board member of, a nationwide DSL provider.

Todd Terbeek, Executive Vice President

Todd Terbeek heads up Singlestep’s sales and marketing efforts for Singlestep and reports to the CEO. Prior to joining Singlestep in November of 2000, Mr. Terbeek was vice-president of business development at Network Commerce Inc., an Internet infrastructure services provider, from its inception in 1997 through its Secondary Public Offering in early 2000. While at Network Commerce he led the company’s strategic partnership, fund raising and mergers & acquisition efforts. From 1994 to 1997, he held positions in national account sales, channel development and brand marketing for American Greetings. Earlier, Mr. Terbeek worked in Global Marketing at Coca-Cola and as an Account Executive in the consumer products division of Burson-Marsteller Public Relations. Mr. Terbeek holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from DePauw University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Illinois.

Mark Lacas, Founder & Co-Chairman of the Board

Mark Lacas co-founded Singlestep Technologies along with David Warman in 1989 and, along with Mr. Warman, is the co-inventor of the Company’s patented VNOS technology platform. Mr. Lacas is currently responsible for Singlestep’s long-range technical vision. Prior to founding Singlestep, Mr. Lacas worked extensively in the design and implementation of engineering solutions in the aerospace, avionics, electronics, computer and networking industries, including work on the Space Shuttle and development of the nuclear reactor monitoring system on the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier.

David Warman, Founder and Chief Scientist

Mr. Warman is responsible for the architecture, design, and development of Singlestep Research and Development. He is co-inventor of the patented VNOS technology, the MediaLink Multimedia LAN protocol, and is jointly responsible for the invention, design and implementation of all Singlestep products. David Warman co-founded Singlestep with Mark Lacas in 1989 to exploit ideas they had initially generated while working together informally. Prior to this time, Mr. Warman was Senior Scientist at the data communications company Micom Communications, in Simi Valley, CA, where he was also a founding member since 1977. There he was responsible for the design and development of, and coinage of the term, “Statistical Multiplexing” products. Prior to Micom, Mr. Warman acquired extensive experience in electronic design of microprocessors, embedded data communications equipment, and Nuclear Measurement instruments. Mr. Warman holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of London.

Tom Graham, Founder and Chairman of Board of Directors

Tom Graham has been associated with Singlestep Technologies since 1993 as both investor and board member. He has previously served as a director and/or in executive management positions in various industries – biotechnology, horticultural services, marine and commercial power equipment, audio electronics, medical services, aerospace and consulting and most recently was Interim CEO and Director of Mediquest Therapeutics, a drug development company focused on development of small molecule therapeutics for oncology and other disease states. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration from University of Washington.


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