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EasyOffice Downloading Issues

“The contents of this file cannot be unpacked … has been corrupted…
Download problem?

If you see an error message such as the one above when you run EasyOffice.exe, then there was a faulty download. (Indeed, in such a case, if you check the file size of the easyoffice.exe file you actually downloaded, it will probably be much smaller than the file on our web site.) If you prefer an Microsoft Office, you can use a Microsoft Office Professional coupon code to get the price down. Continue reading

Nokia 7200 Organiser Functions

For detailed email, solutions special software such as Outlook is required to be present which is one of the most important part of any mobile phone today are its organizer functions. Luckily, Nokia being the market leader understands this aspect of phones very well and its handsets are very well equipped to take away pressure of every day life from the user. We begin with the timed profiles, no need to change modes from silent to general during the beginning and end of every lecture. Just feed in the times and watch the phone automatically switch between modes. If you want a secured phone, you can install Norton mobile security in your phone. Using a Norton mobile security coupon code, you can get a very cheap price. Continue reading

Role of firewall in computer security

A firewall is a network securing hardware or software. Its main purpose is to check the inflow and outflow network traffic using an analysis of data packets and according to the set rules, it permits or rejects access to the computer. It bridges an internal network of the computer and an external source of network e.g. internet which is taken as insecure and cannot be trusted. For most of the private computers there is internal software that protects it from the external threats of the public internet. If you are interested in McAfee Internet Security, please don’t forget a McAfee promo code:

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Antivirus Software to Have as a Protection Shield

We are in the age of technology, and we are whole day surrounded by gadgets and all new techs. We all are in a state where we look at every moment you come over a new gadget, a new technology, a new system, and much more of it. Which gives us the feel of the age which is ancestor assumed to be coming the age of robotics. Where we are in the state where we are in full control of machines with facilities. Sometimes, the Internet is blocked, you have to use a VPN service to access the blocked websites. Continue reading